About Us

We take pride in our quality of service, successful track-record, and our impeccable reputation. Get some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and up-to-date industry experts working for you.

The eviction process is already difficult and stressful. From what we see, many of our clients are experiencing a difficult time, through no fault of their own. Most folks today are already living paycheck-to-paycheck and something unexpected pops up and causes a serious financial hardship. It could be illness, loss of job, theft or robbery, or even a death in the family. These unexpected drawbacks considerably effect a tenant who is barely getting by paying bills from an already low income every month. Any little thing can upset finances and lead to an unforeseen eviction.

An eviction can lead to swift removal from your home, monetary judgment against you, and stain your credit record for a long time… all of this especially embarrassing.

To make matters worse, an eviction can further damage a tenant’s chances of finding and/or renting a new apartment or home with an eviction on their record. If they can get through the difficulty of an unexpected event, and try to get back on their feet, there is still something that comes up because of the eviction.

That’s why our services are valuable and indispensable to you. Let our profound knowledge, and industry insight help you gain an advantage against your landlord. Don’t go down without a fight, and give yourself the best chance possible. By challenging the eviction each step of the eviction process, we help expose deficiencies, exploit mistakes, and dispute defects made by the landlord. We look for every little mistake or violation the landlord has made and use it against him. By taking essential steps in the eviction process, actions can be delayed and/or defeated.

Our Mission

40 years of combined legal experience, 1000s of positive results… we are at your service.

Determined to advocate for tenants in eviction actions, EndEviction.com brings effectiveness through expertise and experience to help “tilt the scale” in landlord-tenant disputes.

Our goal is to provide each client with professional service, peace of mind, and positive results. Eviction matters can be very stressful, we strive to help alleviate the pressure.

We provide the tools needed to successfully defend eviction actions, and facilitate the maximum amount of time for tenants.

We are not intimidated by landlords, lawyers or lawsuits.


Founded in 2013, EndEviction.com was first operated together with attorneys and paralegals, advocating for tenants in Southern California courts. Since then, as the needs for more affordable tenant services has become necessary, EndEviction.com has focused more on less costly legal assistance services, provided by our licensed unlawful detainer assistants. This has allowed tenants with limited means, or difficult financial situations, access to adequate landlord-tenant resources and assistance. Our business model is now designed: 1. for tenants who need access to legal services, but can’t afford a lawyer; 2. Attorneys who need experienced landlord-tenant paralegals to assist with eviction defense actions.

Ongoing Knowledge

Our dedication to our craft includes a thirst to find the most effective ways to serve our clients. Our team continuously works closely with dedicated legal professionals to provide our clients the most up to date information regarding their options during eviction. In addition to experience, our team is consistently active in ongoing education, keeping up with always-changing laws and practices.

The Owner

Endeviction.com is owned and operated by Michael J. Balian Legal Services. Mr. Balian is a licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant (LDA) and Unlawful Detainer Assistant (UDA) with over 20 years professional experience as a paralegal. During his lengthy career, Mr. Balian has worked with numerous attorneys in different areas of practice, and other skilled legal professionals, that demonstrate a commitment to a high level of performance, ethics and professionalism.

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