Letters to Landlord

If you need to give your landlord notice about repairs or other issues, our ready-made letters are free to use for that purpose. Convey the right information in the correct way, comply with legal responsibilities, and protect your rights.

Tenant's Request for Repairs

If the landlord hasn’t been making necessary repairs, this letter outlines a valid request and includes remedies a tenant can choose.

Tenant's Notice of Privacy and Trespassing

Let the nosy landlord know that snooping around or disturbing your privacy will not be tolerated.

Tenant's Notice Terminating Tenancy

A letter terminating tenancy from the tenant because serious issues continue to exist.

Tenant's 30-Day Notice of Intent to Vacate

A notice for tenants who intend to move-out after a lease or end a month-tomonth tenancy and request accounting of their deposit.

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