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Clay W.

Los Angeles, CA

Highly Recommend! Most other Legal Services only have voicemail. Michael was very responsive, honest and happy to answer questions. The service is complete and makes sense.

Rick F.

Banning, CA

My wife and I were recommended to EndEviction. (Actually, my son found them, and we chose them because they were the most reasonably priced). We could not be more pleased with their services. From the initial call with Suzy, email correspondences with Michael, all of it was handled with the upmost professionalism. You have a question? They immediately get back to you. If we ever have this problem again, there is little doubt we will go to them again.

Rebecca R

Los Angeles, CA

Michael and his team are awesome. I have never had to hire a paralegal before, and I was really worried that I was going to get ripped off or screwed around if I chose the wrong people. Luckily these guys are definitely the right ones to call: professional, reliable, friendly, fair, and affordable.

They quickly dealt with the problem that I was having with my case, despite the fact that it was a weird issue was not exactly easy to deal with. Without their persistence and follow up with the court, this probably could have been bad for me. They also kept in good communication with me, so I didn't have to guess where they were in the process.

It is such a relief to know that there are true professionals out there like the EndEviction.com. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Sarah H.

Glendora, CA

Very professional business who handled everything for us without any problems. Highly recommend them. Very knowledgeable and always available.

Scotty Y.

Paramount, CA

Yeah, these guys are good... professional, friendly, and easy-going, and they do not overcharge.

Nancy S.

Bell, CA

No stress, everyone was kind and professional, excellent service. I really appreciate this eviction delay service and am grateful for the people who work there.